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[30 Apr 2007|11:19pm]

Yay story lists. I guess the only real interesting point is that all person's choice are cross overs.

Hopefully I'll have better luck with this Gakuen Heaven list than I am with the bleach list but here goes.

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Random drabble [30 Apr 2007|09:10pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Not really random, but since I had no knowledge of Fruba, I got to do a Gakuen Heaven pairing. What did I pull? Naruse/person's choice.
So, Gakuen Heaven/Prince of Tennis crossover. One of the biggest loads of crap I ever wrote, so don't be too harsh. _-_
Title: Date?
Rating: G-Pg
Pairing: Naruse/Kikumaru
I hate my muse psycho
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Test post [23 Feb 2007|01:59am]

[ mood | awake ]

Just seeing if this thing works out of not.  As stated we're a group of friends who are posting fanfiction together.  It'll be multifandom and hopefully updated often.   The pairings we have will be literally picked from a hat.  So I'll apologize ahead of time if the characterization isn't 100%.  It's what the hat wants at the time.  Yes, in fact the hat compels and controls us all.  

So starting out I have our first set a of pairings from Fruits Basket.  

Ayame  Ritsu - kyo
Uotani Hatori- anime addict
Hiro Tohru- anime addict 
Rin Yuki -kyo
Hatsu Kisa - MojotMonkey
Kagura Hanajima- animenut
Kureno Momiji- animenut
Shigure kyo - Mojotmonkey

Hopefully all the fiction will be in on Tuesday and we'll get our new fandom put up.

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